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You only live once. Make the most of it today.

A cultural hotspot in Jakobstad

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At Jugend we are great believers in the potential of unlocking new dimensions which ads to the already powerful and delightful impressions which comes from enjoying a stay at our hotel. Because say, a dinner is only a dinner by itself. Add to that atmosphere, ambience, friends, neighbors, colleagues and live music. Then it is not “just” a dinner anymore - it is a pulsating and vibrating melting pot of influences for the mind and for your eyes. We want to facilitate the potential possibility of this experience for the individual.

That is why we carefully plan all our events with the overall picture in mind - from food, to drinks to music and setting. This is a living thing - just as the soul of our hotel is ever evolving, changing and multi-dimensional thanks to the laughters and sounds that fill our premises when showtime occurs. It is a place where stories are made to be passed on from grandparents to children, from random strangers who just met. It is a place where traditions are born - all happening to the beat of the drum and the calming sound of an acoustic guitar.

Live Events - The Cultural Heartbeat of the Jugend Experience.

In a post pandemic world we are now starting to schedule coming events. Please follow us in our social media channels and check back on this page for upcoming schedules this spring and summer.